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God Is Consistent; We Are Dependent

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Have you ever met one of those people who just never seems to “mess up”? They never forget an assignment in school, are never late for a deadline, and are always on time for meetings (and usually at least 5 minutes early). Often, being the sinful humans that we are, if this person is our peer we tend to dislike them. But in a time of need (or a project of importance), we want someone like that around. But the truth is, even people who seem to never miss anything, mess up. They may have more issues than you can see. But there is Someone who always keeps His Word and is “on time” for all His appointments.

In our study of Elijah we saw that God clearly emphasized His faithfulness to fulfill His Word. He kept His Word by fulfilling a centuries-old prophecy from Joshua, providing for Elijah at Kerith, sustaining his prophet and a widow’s family through the famine, and causing rain to fall again in Israel. It is clear — Yahweh keeps His Word.

In the message we learned this simple truth:

Since God works in a consistent way (i.e. through His Word),
you must accept the reliability of the Word.

What word from God do you find yourself struggling to believe and act upon (or wait for)? For many of us, the following list represents some of the most perplexing struggles of our heart.

  1. Does God “see me” in my times of distress as His Name and word declares?
    (Gen. 16:13; Ps. 139:7-12)

  2. Will God forgive me when I have sinned against Him... again?
    (Prodigal: Luke 15:11ff; Peter: John 21; John: 1 John 1:9)

  3. Is there real purpose in my life? Is there anything after death?
    (Gen. 1:27; Romans 6:23)

  4. Can God truly make “all things new”?
    (Rev. 21:5)

Where do you find God’s Word empowering your faith and motivating your action? Or where do you find your faith faltering at some statement of God that just seems too good to be true or too hard to swallow? How can God’s faithfulness in the story of Elijah minister to you right now?

In our next post, we are going to wrestle with an inconvenient truth — the reality that our circumstances will often point in the direct opposite direction of the Word of God. This forces our hand — do we trust our world or God’s Word? Will we rely on the Word even amidst seeming contradictions? But, until then, see below to see how you can share how God is working in your life by joining the conversation on our Facebook discussion group.

If you are part of our church discussion group, I invite you to continue the conversation there. If you are a member of our church but are not a part of the group, then just send an invite request.



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Thanks so much for your questions! These are very natural and important follow-up questions. I will try to give a (somewhat) short answer to each in a separate blog post (that is now available here). I would love to continue the conversation as well, so if you have other questions, please let me know.

Will God forgive me when I have sinned against Him... again?
(Prodigal: Luke 15:1

At some point don’t we have to pay for our sins?
How can we stop repeating the same sin?
Or how can you be sure if we’re sinning?

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