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God Confronts; We Decide


What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make? 

As we think back over our lives, we can see that we have been formed into the people we are today through our decisions. We can very easily focus on the “big decisions” of our lives, but we should also recognize the value of the decisions we make from day to day, often over and over again. All of these decisions work together to mold and shape us into the people we are today.

In our study of Elijah we were reminded of this reality: 

God works in a confrontational way (i.e. through addressing our problems & struggles),
So you must accept the reality of decision.

We saw the importance of both the “big” decisions and the “little” decisions in the life of Elijah. Elijah made decisions day after day and week after week to trust God for provision (at the brook Kerith and at the widow’s home). Obadiah made decisions to fear God day after day and this resulted in his willingness to serve God in protecting His prophets from Jezebel. 

There surely is not a complete dichotomy between the “big” decisions of life and the daily, mundane ones. What we find from Scripture and experience is that the small decisions prepare and predispose us in the big decisions of life. 

Yet, there is one more thing that deserves consideration in relation to our decision-making — making the wrong decision. We are also very familiar with this reality (we experience it every day). Whether making the wrong decision when playing a board game as a family or choosing to indulge in a fleshly sinful activity, we find ourselves consistently choosing the wrong option. We are consistently reminded that we operate without perfect knowledge, without perfect morals, (and most unfortunately) without a perfect relationship to God. These realities result in wrong (and often sinful) decision making. 

All these considerations bring us right back to the story of Elijah (and each of our stories as well). God is in the decisions of life. When we come into the world we do everything we can to push Him out. We want to make decisions without any “interference” from Him. God uses His Word and the proddings of His Spirit to bring us to Himself. Yes, to bring us to choose Him. Here is a wonderful mystery of salvation — God chose you; you chose God. We love Him, because He first loved us. We are chosen as His children. We change our mind — repent and believe. We give ourselves over to Christ. 

Again, in our spiritual lives, we see this wonderful combination of the big decisions and daily decisions. Christ calls us to Himself in the big decision of salvation. Yet He keeps us in His love, by bringing us to “walk” in His Spirit day after day after day.

These considerations call us to reflection.

  1. Do I recognize the importance of the decisions I am making in my life (both big and small), honestly admitting the way they shape and form my life?
  2. Do I tend to put my hope in big decisions, rather than the daily, moment-by-moment opportunities God gives me?
  3. Do I need to change something in order to be more conscious of the decisions that I am making each day?
  4. Do I need to reach out to someone to seek counsel about decisions I am making in my life right now?

If you are part of our church discussion group, I invite you to continue the conversation there. If you are a member of our church but are not a part of the group, then just send an invite request so you can join in too.


[Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash]