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Getting the Ball Rolling


Have you ever taken time to thank the Lord for the people He put in your life to help you grow spiritually? I was reminiscing on those who helped me walk closer and deeper with Him, when I focused on one person in particular. Mrs. Scrafton was my 5th grade Sunday School teacher. She was the one, the Lord used, to “get the ball rolling” in my reading and studying of the Bible. How you ask? She started a Sunday school competition to see who could do the most lessons in their workbooks each quarter (13 weeks). The winner would get a Danny Orlis book (Christian fiction for young people). What started as a competition turned into a life long desire to study my Bible more. The Danny Orlis books I won did not impact my spiritual life, but God’s Word sure did. And it all started in 5th grade!

Getting in Line

I would like to get in line with those who have helped you spiritually by sharing a tip that has helped me grow closer and deeper with Him. This one is not from Mrs. Scrafton. In fact, I cannot remember who shared it with me. It is a simple and practical tip that helped me apply God’s Word to my life. I hope they will help you “get the ball rolling” in your reading and studying of the Bible.

Adopting S.P.A.C.E.P.E.T.S.

I am not talking about adopting a science fiction creature from Star Wars…it would be pretty cool though, right? These are nine questions to ask yourself after you have read a Scripture passage. Journaling your answers will be a source to refer to and to share with others. Here they are:

  • Sin to confess? Do I need to make any restitution?
  • Promise to claim? Is it a universal promise? Have I met the condition(s)?
  • Attitude to change? Am I willing to work on a negative attitude and begin building toward a positive one?
  • Command to obey? Am I willing to do it no matter how I feel?
  • Example to follow? Is it a positive example for me to copy, or a negative one to avoid?
  • Prayer to pray? Is there anything I need to pray back to God?
  • Error to avoid? Is there any problem that I should be alert to or beware of?
  • Truth to believe? What new things can I learn about God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or other biblical teachings?
  • Something to praise God for? Is there something here I can be thankful for?

I hope it helps!

In Christ,

Pastor Bob






[Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash]

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