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Getting the Ball Rolling


Have you ever taken time to thank the Lord for the people He put in your life to help you grow spiritually? I was reminiscing on those who helped me walk closer and deeper with Him, when I focused on one person in particular. Mrs. Scrafton was my 5th grade Sunday School teacher. She was the one, the Lord used, to "get the ball rolling" in my reading and studying of the Bib...

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God Confronts; We Decide


What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make? As we think back over our lives, we can see that we have been formed into the people we are today through our decisions. We can very easily focus on the "big decisions" of our lives, but we should also recognize the value of the decisions we make from day to day, often over and over again. All of these decisions work...

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God Entrusts; We Are Responsible

Recently, on Sunday evenings, God has been focusing our attention as a church on the life of Elijah. Yesterday we heard a message about "when the brook dries up" from the life of Elijah. And the previous Sunday we learned from him as well. One thing we have learned is that ... Since God works in a condescending way (i.e. through our believing actions)you must accept respo...

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God Is Wise; We Need Direction

Fork in the Road

Where are we going? How do we get there? Can we figure this out on our own... or do we need help?...

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Q&A on Sin: In the Darkness, A Light Shines

Light in Darkness

Sin raises many questions in our minds, doesn't it? One of most beautiful realities of the Christian worldview is that it not only recognizes the questions raised by the reality of sin and evil... it answers them. This post seeks to answer a few of these questions Biblically in response to a comment on a recent blog post....

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God Is Consistent; We Are Dependent

Highlighted Bible

Wow! The God's display of power through His Word in the story of Elijah was awesome. But, honestly, sometimes I don't feel like the world I live in still works like that. I know there are a lot of differences. Can I too trust God's Word like Elijah?...

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